Technical Solutions for COBOL

Redvers Batch Optimisation Service

With data volumes increasing by 40% year on year and 200 billion lines of COBOL code still in use, efficient data processing is as important today as it has ever been.

In the rather unfashionable but still indispensable world of mainframe COBOL applications, legacy programs are continually being altered in order to satisfy changes in business requirements.

These alterations, compounded with previously changed code, inevitably lead to poorer system performance. In an attempt to compensate for this, IT departments are forced into an endless cycle of buying hardware and tuning tools just to satisfy existing service levels.

Our solutions reverse this cycle, giving clients a bigger overnight batch window which can be turned into cost savings, increased customer base, expansion of future developments or company mergers and takeovers.

What Do We Do?

Our team of experienced professionals will produce efficient system designs for new developments or produce optimisation reports for existing systems or programs. In the analysis phase we use a combination of our home-grown analysis tools and industry standard utilities.

Our solutions do not use excessive memory or CPU cycles and are always kept as simple as possible. System designs are produced to site standards and the optimisation reports itemize efficiency problems and provide a list of possible solutions with their expected benefits.

On customer approval to proceed, we will provide the necessary consultants to build, unit/system test and implement the solution. Much of the build and unit testing can be performed off site. Implementation can be done as a stand-alone project or integrated with a client development life-cycle.

Our code is always well documented and easy to understand for future reference and maintainability.

Optimising Your System

If you have a program or system that would benefit from optimisation, please provide your contact details on our Contact page and one of our representatives will be in touch shortly.