Technical Solutions for COBOL

The Redvers COBOL Signature software enables COBOL applications to communicate securely with blockchain and other messaging systems using standard digital signatures and public/private key (PKI) encryption.

The Redvers Encryption Module gives COBOL applications the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt and decrypt confidential data using 128, 192 or 256 bit keys.

The Redvers Hashing Algorithm gives COBOL applications the capability to produce SHA-1, SHA-2 or SHA-3 message digests or MAC codes for single or multiple data strings.

The Redvers COBOL XML Interface is faster, simpler and more programmer friendly than ever before. Also generates and parses XML in multiple dimension arrays.

The Redvers COBOL JSON Interface uses a COBOL record layout to generate or parse JSON objects, on-line or in batch mode.

The Redvers Cloaking Device ensures the intellectual property in your COBOL source code is kept fully secure.