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About Redvers Consulting

Redvers Consulting provide niche software products for the integration, modernization and security of COBOL applications. Our clients are primarily large financial institutions in Europe and North America, although we also have customers in many other business and geographical areas.

Our ability to deliver software in COBOL source code form, gives customers reliable, efficient and perfectly integrated solutions to business needs. Source code distribution also means our software will run on all hardware platforms and operating systems: EBCDIC, ASCII, big endian or little endian.

We are business partners with IBM, HP and Fujitsu, and our development team are members of the Professional Contractors Group.

Redvers Consulting have received many business awards over the years, including winning the Best use of Technology category in the Thames Gateway Business Awards - see logos below.

We offer a range of products, services and tools that breathe new life into your COBOL investments:

Our clients include:

W3C Markup Validation Service       W3C CSS Validation Service

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Celebrating 30 years working with COBOL.